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Feet Are killing!

Just recently started a new job, and have been doing 12 hours shifts. The mornings are long (waking up at 5am and leaving the house at around 45 past) to get to work for 7am and then staying here till 7pm. The days are looooonnnnnng,and tiring. Especially when I get home at around 8.30pm and have to cook dinner. It's kinda of a major shock to the system when you usually used to 6 hour shifts. Well a job is a job at the end of the day. Hopefully I'll survive, and come out stronger!

Blank Page

I sat in front of a blank sketchbook (all day)today, sharpened my pencil and cleaned my eraser. I opened the book and sat starring at the crisp white page, picked up my pencil and hovered just over the page and stopped. After so many years, I finally wanted to draw again. Was never good at it but enjoyed the process, now I just sat there thinking ‘I can't’, ‘do I really want spoil the paper with my abysmal drawing’ and finally ‘I want it to be perfect’ that at the end I packed everything up. I want to draw, but I can't or intimidated, if that makes any sense.


Jewellery Hanger

I recently made myself a necklace hanger,I was so sick of digging through my draws hunting down the necklace that I would need to complete my outfit only for it to be tangled with at least 4 other chains.
So here it is ,my own little diy:
2014-05-01 15.12.07
2014-05-01 15.27.10
I finally received my copy of 'The diary of Panda and Polar Bear Comic' And I absolutely love it!!!
Highly recommend it,so cute and funny!!!!
2014-03-04 21.56.13
2014-03-04 21.56.32

Crafting again

One of my new year resolution is to put up more of my arts/craft pieces on my livejournal. So keeping true to those words here are some cards I made this week.
One for my cousin to wish her a happy new year and another for a colleague:

Happy New Year♥♥♥

★★Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  May you all achieve your resolutions of the year! ★★


Tis the holiday season★

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and I hope you all got loads and loads of pressies!!!!!


The Best Kinder 'SURPRISE'

Recently become obsessed with anything to do with Pandas, can't help myself they are just soooo adorable!!!
And the kinder gods answered my prayers: Chocolate and a Panda!!!!

2013-11-21 21

First Photobook!

There has been an increase in the popularity of photobooks so I thought I would check out what the hype was about.
So collecting a bunch of photos that I had wanted to make an album off and never getting around too....and umm... the discount voucher for a photobook ;-)
I went made my first book......
I just got the book today, after six days of wait (which isn't that long but don't you just get the feeling that when waiting for an order even a day is too long :-D)
And I love it!!!
The photos I had taken were from Japan Expo 2009 (yep a long time ago) and this was very special occasion for me, it was the first Expo I went too and it was the Expo's 10th anniversary as well.
Unfortunately at the time I didn't have a good digital camera and had to use my cousins video recorder (which was a 2MP camera) so the photos aren't the best of quality. Some appear dark and have a lot of noise....but with the help of photoshop I managed to salvage the situation and make 'ok' pictures.

Here are some pages from my photobook:


Woah, so totally not for kids

Just watched the first episode of
'Attack on Titan', and it is one creepy anime....which I am probably going to watch the rest off anyway. Though it clearly is not aimed at a younger crowd even if it is under Shōnen (to me its more Seinen), been hearing about the anime for a while so I thought I would check it out. The graphics are good and the music/ost definitely helps the psychological thriller value, especially when the 'Titans' do what they do.... (no spoilers here.....).
Well here goes episode 2.........

Getting Crafty

So after a long time I decided to have a go at some arts and craft. And seeing has there was two new additions to the family I thought of making cards to welcome them in. Here they are, one for the baby boy and the other for baby girl;



Going Stamping

My first stamp effort

My cute Gorjuss,'The lost heart'.



Made my own ball mask!!


Zumba shame

There comes a time in life where you stop and think 'how did it come to this?'. I had such a moment when stepping into my first Zumba class where I was surrounded by old ladies (old enough to be my grandmas)........AND they still moved better than me!!


Hats off ladies Hats off!!!


Coffee & Walnut Cupcakes

This one is for you cuz!!!!
Hope you enjoyed them...(which I think you did,as half them  mysteriously disappeared...mm..)

Little taste of Japan

Cute and delicious!!


Hunter X Hunter (2011)

After buying the (old) Hunter X Hunter version many years ago, I was disappointed that they had remade a new version of the anime from the beginning instead of carrying on fron where they stopped in the old version. But noneless I still went to watch the 2011 ver (thank goodness for Crunchyroll) and found myself liking it too ;-)
Am happy that the newer version follows the manga more accurately and the picture quality is on a much higher standard.Even though it's a better version I am still satisfied keeping my older version dvds. Compared to the first version the 'revamp' has more violence and blood,which I usually don't mind but I had watched this show with my young nephew and found the older version more age appropriate.
Knowing me I'll probably get the dvds of where the older version left off,so at least my collection is complete.



Just finished watching the Gintama episodes they had at Crunchyroll. This anime is so awesome; the characters,the situations and over the top humor is what makes this show so interesting.
I really hope there are more episodes in the future,until then am off to read the manga.

The Suns Hereeeeeeee!

Finally,finally the hot weather has come. Right,first thing....ICE CREAM..mmm...


Making Tasty Tarts

Am expanding my baking repertoire,and so tried my hand at my favourite tart.......
So ta-dah...
My Tarte au fraise:




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